Windsor Stretcher Jig Mk II


The Windsor Stretcher Jig Mk.II allows you to easily drill holes in chair legs for stretchers, and in chair back posts for arm rests, from 6" to 22" from the seat. You can see it in action on my YouTube channel, or my IG feed/IGTV at "barton.kyle".

This basic Kit includes the following:
Large Base Unit
Small Base Unit
Four Threaded Rods with two jam nuts per rod
1/2" Drill extension shaft - 18" Long
1/2" Coupler - To connect the shaft to your 1/2" shank drill bit
1/2" Bearing

Please Note: This Jig is made for a 6 degree reamed holes. Please contact me if you use a different reamer; I should be able to accommodate you. Also, this Jig also requires a drill capable of accepting 1/2" shank drill bits; and a 1/2" shank brad-point bit with a long center-spur to work correctly for acute angles (Trident Drill Bits). This Kit should work fine if you are already using these types of "chairmaking" bits with a 1/2" shank.

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