Stiletto Drill Bits for use in the Spindle Drilling Guide


These Stiletto Drill Bits are custom ground for use in Spindle Drilling Guide.

You can use brad-point bits in the Drilling Guide. They work great. The only issue is you want to be careful not to nick or damage outer spurs which can sometimes make them a bit difficult to put in and get out of the drill bushing. Whereas the Stiletto Drill Bits are as easy as a twist bits to put in and take out of the drill bushing. Additionally, the acute angle ground on these bits helps to reduce blow-out on the backside of the mortise, while the long center point helps you to easily position the bit on your mark.

Please note: If you add one or more Stiletto Drill Bits to your order for the Spindle Drilling Guide, I will refund to you any overages on the shipping charges.

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